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Spinal Corretion

Structure determines function, 

function determines health.


The primary area of your Central Nervous System is the Cervical Spine (neck). Misalignment (subluxation) in this area affects the function of every organ in your entire body.  Messages are sent from your brain through a forward curve in your cervical spine. This curve can be viewed from a side x-ray of your neck. Neurosurgeons call this curve “The Arc of Life.” The curve should be at 45 degrees and any loss of your normal arc of life is considered a severe neurological problem because it will pull down on the base of your brain, stretch your spinal cord and compress your nerves. Loss of your normal arc will also accelerate spinal decay and degeneration. Dr. Ashforth measures patient's x-rays to specifically identify the severity of misalignment and structural degeneration.  Then, using highly specialized adjusting and rehab techniques, he administers a care plan designed to restore the structure of the spine back to normal, thereby restoring the function of the nervous system to normal as well.  Post x-rays are always taken to ensure the correction is achieved.

The 5 Essentials are based on the proven importance of spinal correction, which aids in maintaining proper nervous system function.

Your spine is responsible for all function and healing, as it connects all of the cells, organs, and systems in the body. Improper spinal alignment is common and is caused by physical, chemical, and emotional stress that affects your body every day.


Spinal misalignments diminish nerve supply and weaken the body, causing poor body function and symptoms of bad health.

It is important to address nerve supply as the foundational challenge to living to your full potential — optimizing nerve supply allows your body’s systems to interact and integrate without interference. This unlocks your body’s own power and natural potential for peak performance, optimal health, and quick healing.


Finding a doctor who is trained in the detection and correction of spinal misalignment and abnormalities is important in maximizing nerve supply. Dr. Ashforth has received highly specialized training enabling him to provide you with the spinal correction, rehab, and home care that is necessary for complete correction of the spine and nervous system.


Before X-Ray
After X-ray

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