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The 5 Essentials’ exercise programs work to facilitate optimum physical fitness in minimal time, ensuring that you can stay in shape no matter how busy you are.

Exercise helps your body take in higher levels of oxygen, creating lean muscle. Studies have shown that regular exercise consistently matches or exceeds the benefits of drugs — like antidepressants — for medical conditions and diseases.

By maximizing your oxygen levels and lean muscle, your body will decrease in fat. This builds your performance while increasing your body’s ability to fight stress, anxiety, and other illnesses ranging from heart disease to cancer. A lack of exercise causes malfunctions that interfere with your physical and mental health.

Regular physical activity and training regulates hormone levels, boosts the body’s immune functions, helps maintain a healthy body weight, and lowers body fat. This all aids in reducing the risk of breast and other cancers.


Dr. Ashforth’s exercise plan is short but fast-paced; it will give you more stamina and energy while improving your body’s ability to respond positively to physical, mental, and chemical stress. Exercise, combined with the rest of the 5 Essentials, will supercharge your ability to perform well and stay concentrated in all areas of your life.

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