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We believe that EVERYONE deserves the right to know how to live the healthiest life possible, so we are inviting you and all your friends, family and co-workers to dinner ON US!


Join us as as a VIP guest at a complimentary dinner at Cantina 1511 in Ballantyne.  At the dinner, Dr. Jeff will spend about 20 minutes sharing powerful information about the definition of REAL health, and the system that controls ALL the functions of your body.

There is nothing to buy and no sales pitch, we promise.  We do events like this for free because our mission is to prevent unnecessary suffering by teaching people proven principles of health, based on facts and science, not fads or trends.

If you'd like to reserve a seat for our next dinner, just fill out the form below and let us know if there is anyone else you'd like to bring with you.  Be sure to leave us your phone number and we will call to confirm with you the date and time of our next dinner.  We will call once more to re-confirm the Friday before the dinner.  That's it!

Message Sent. Thanks!

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